Event Management & Travel Times

Event Management

We organize corporate events, seminars, conferences, product launch and outbound team building. We provide end to end solution in event management right from the inception of the event till the finish of event as per scope defined. We help our client in organizing event, booking of hotels, meals, transportation to and from the venue of event, other travel arrangements if event is not in the base location etc. We are having specialized work force to execute task in each service areas of an event. We are committed to provide excellent service to our client.

Each Cielo Events client is unique, and our solutions for you will be unique as well. No meeting is too big or too small for our professional meeting planners:

from roundtables, seminars, or luncheon speaker programs to major conventions, product launches or national sales meetings: we can take care of all the details so that you can participate in your own meeting, side by side with your managers and attendees, without the worries the logistical responsibilities can entail. Whatever your budget, we will respect it and work within your budget parameters to create a meeting that is educational, entertaining and above all memorable. From the first invitation and the early registration process to the closing ceremony, your meeting is in good hands with Cielo Events team.

Business Event Services


Bring your executive team together for a Quarterly Meeting, or gather your sales team for a motivational meeting. Either way, our meeting planners will make sure that you have the right tools and setting for to maximize your results. We will oversee the layout, food and/or refreshments, necessary supplies, lighting and audio/visual.


You chose the topic and we’ll take care of the rest! From keynote speakers to panellists to breakout sessions, we will plan your entire seminar from start to finish! We will assist in the site selection, venue negotiations, food and beverage, equipment rental and any other aspect of your seminar that you wish to include.


Whether it is a business luncheon, a club/organization luncheon or a birthday luncheon, we will organize it all! Our meeting planners will oversee the catering, help you plan the schedule, register guests, book entertainment, organize activities and ensure that your guests are happy and enjoy themselves.

Budget Creation⁄ Management

Our meeting planners understand the vitality of maintaining the budget when it comes to our clients. We will negotiate vendor contracts, hotel contracts and also help you to develop the right price point for registration and other accounts receivable to ensure that your convention meets budget standards. With our industry experience and vendor contacts, our meeting planners will make sure that you get the most for your money.


We understand that the primary focus of your event will be to benefit your business and employees, and that it's also important to keep your attendees engaged and to provide a certain level of entertainment. Our meeting planners will focus on assuring that your attendees receive just the right amount of fun, but still keeping them focused on the main content of your convention.


Without the right tools and knowledge, registration can be one of the most challenging elements of a convention. From online registration, to identification badges and registration incentive promotions, our meeting planners can cover it all. Cielo Events will take the burden off of you and have your attendees ready to go.

Award Nights Themed Corporate Events

The Cielo International event management company in Mumbai, provides creative solutions with a balance of technical designs and 360 degree event management solutions to bring your awards program to life.
When creating a corporate awards night that recognises outstanding achievements of your employees and members of your organization, it’s vital that the event itself displays equal quality to make your guests and award recipients feel special and privileged.
Whether you need a spectacular opening, engaging speakers, singers, dancers or a live band, Cielo International - the corporate event planners / organisers look after every aspect of your event from corporate event planning & conceptualization to its perfect conclusion.

Conference Management & Event Planning

The Cielo International corporate event management company in Mumbai, delivers superbly run conferences by adding their vision and flair that transform your conference into a genuinely inspiring experience.
Our corporate event planners / organisers, believe that vision setting and strategic planning are vital for a world-class conference as they result inmore compelling marketing, higher attendance & excel performances.
Cielo carries a firm understanding in designing, planning, coordinating and executing the phases of the conference and designs event management solutions that provide a comprehensive overview and motive behind the same.
Cielo undertakes corporate event / party planning of conferences from start to its post-event analysis. Our highly experienced team ensures every contingency is anticipated, planned for and perfectly implemented

Family Day Corporate Events

Family Days are designed to offer your employees and their families a relaxing day full of fun and enjoyment. It is an ideal way to thank employees and their families for their commitment and to offer recognition for their hard work.
Cielo International event management company in Mumbai, makes sure your company Family Day is tailored to your particular requirements: your company values, the number and profile of your guests, the venue, the timings, your likes and dislikes with a perfect mix of activities and entertainers.
From creating the theme through to the delivery of the event, our dedicatedevents team gives you 360 degree event management solutions to create unforgettable experiences for your guests.
With right corporate event planning, Cielo International - the corporate event planners / organisers, ensures your company Family Day is planned precisely to meet all your requirements with the desired atmosphere & effect!

Corporate Events Annual Day Themes

Annual Days need to have a good mix of fun and should assist employees in connecting with each other while also being able to unwind.
Cielo International - the event management company in Mumbai, arranges for special creativities & 360 degree event management solutions to make your event memorable and imbibe feelings of a unified organization.
Adding one more year of achievement in the continuous journey is like adding feathers on the cap. Annual meetings avail the right platform for sharing information with various people connected to the company with special triumphs like expansion of business and increase in sales that add flavour to it.
When organizing corporate events, which cater to hundreds of employees, their families and guest, it is important to get everything right with right corporate event / party planning. Cielo – the corporate event planners / organisers, adds the ideal theme to the event giving it a coordinated look coupled with a fun element while conveying the accurate message.
This corporate event management takes care of all the intricate details & extraneous matters to be looked upon from stage and lighting to the décor and entertainment with the assurance everything flows as per the plan with not only infusing fun and enjoyment, but also increasing an innate feeling of success and an understanding of the company’s vision.

Cielo Employee Kids Day Events

Where exactly do mom or dad work and what do they do there?

Cielo International - the corporate event management in Mumbai, helps introduce the children to their parents‘ workplace combined with a day full of activities, games and entertainment organized just for them along with ensuring their safety.
From big sized colourful inflatables and themed treasure hunts to indoor / outdoor activities and décor, Cielo - the corporate event planners / organizers, gauge and offer all that the children enjoy the most.
Dedicated to quality and excellence with event management solutions & corporate event planning, we ensure your child returns from your work station with a smile and an unforgettable affair to remember!

Gala Nights Corporate Event

Selecting a perfect theme with perfect corporate event / party planning can really make or break the success of your gala dinner/event.
Cielo International, the event management company in Mumbai, ensures that the guests in attendance have a night to remember by choosing a theme that generates buzz amongst the community and those involved.
Each gala dinner or event is a unique project, irrespective of size or budget. Depending on your requirements, we create, design event management solutions, develop and manage all aspects of your event to make it run seamlessly and bring your idea to life.
From theatrical costumes, entertainment, props, stunning centerpieces, grand lighting, red carpets and beautiful décor, Cielo International - the corporate event planners / organisers combine creative design with friendly and meticulous service, to give you and your guests a night to remember.

Event Management of Product Launches

Are you planning a product launch?

Are you looking for corporate event planners / organizers who provide 360 degree event management solutions?

Cielo International event management company in Mumbai, ensures that you receive the desired publicity and buzz you are looking for your product.
With complete understanding of the product and detailed corporate event planning, we create and deliver a unique launch that provides a dramatic impact and long lasting impression on your clients.
Whether it is a launch of an exciting new product or the grand opening of a new store or office complex, we understand that the success of any launch rests on the execution and delivery of the message being projected and as such offerthrilling and original ways to help create this image.